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In June 2017, Chef Dan McGuirt opened Jazz City Joe Dough in Darlinghurst Sydney. It is based on his love of doughnuts and American coffee. The name "JOE" is a synonym for an American cup of coffee and "DOUGH" related to doughnuts or other dough based products. While it is a small restaurant with only 5 tables and 15 seats in total, the food is serious with a definite affinity to American cooking.

Joe Dough follows on from the string of other Jazz City restaurants which chef Dan has previously presented in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. These include Jazz City Diner, Jazz City Milk Bar and Jazz City BBQ, all focused on American cooking. Joe Dough is an extension of these restaurants and its menu includes many of the favourites from their menus. The major addition of American doughnuts to the menu encapsulates Dan's love of doughnuts and recaptures his childhood experiences of eating freshly made doughnuts from the local doughnut shop while growing up in Buchanan, Michigan. Another new addition is cookie dough, which was a last minute addition to the menu. Being the first restaurant with cookie dough on its menu definitely had its advantages, especially with its popularity on social media which helped put Joe Dough on the culinary map.

The menu at Joe Dough is constantly evolving. Look forward to weekly specials based on Southern cuisine including New Orleans Creole and Cajun cuisines as well as American diner favourites and comfort food. A breakfast menu is coming soon as well as a vegan menu.

Welcome to Jazz City Joe Dough.